Haven: The Final Season – Blu-ray Edition

A series that attempts to fill the void left by series like The X-Files and Lost with lots of twists, mystery and tension; it has now come to its end as well. The mythology at the heart of Haven was complex to say the least. Not surprising as it found life in the short story by Stephen King called “The Colorado Kid”. There is an attempt in its final season to wrap things up.  The series had its share of ups and downs over its time but the supernaturally inclined show always managed to stay interesting enough to keep my attention.


That being said the final season does have its problems with some flimsy and unbelievable dialogue and the final moments leaving fans scratching their heads. Throughout all this lead actress Emily Rose earns thumbs up. No matter the quality of the material she goes about giving it her all.


haven the final seasonAudrey Parker (played by Emily Rose) is an FBI agent whose past is something of a mystery. Upon her arrival in the small Maine town of Haven to work on what seems like a routine case she soon realizes there is nothing normal or sleepy about Haven. Turns out she is right as she soon figures out that anyone with an abnormal ability has come to Haven to live. Soon she finds herself the protector of the town especially after she realizes she has a link with Haven.


Special Features:

Audio Commentary

Mythology Refresher (1080p; 4:08) an attempt at a recap of the bigger storylines in the series.


Haven Origins: Lovers Conquered All (1080i; 8:36) more of the history of the show.


Haven Revisited: Livestream with the Cast and Crew (1080p; 11:17)


Haven Archives: Entries from the Crocker Diaries (1080i; 6:31) excerpts from the diary of Humphrey Crocker during the 17th century.


Haven Featurettes (1080p; 40:36) short behind the scenes and interviews that deal with each episode of this season.


Interviews (1080i; 44:08) feature Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, William Shatner, Adam Copeland and Shawn Piller.

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