Ted vs. Flash Gordon: The Ultimate Collection – Blu-ray Edition

ted vs flash gordon

If you saw either of the Ted films by Seth MacFarlane then this collection of films should not be a head scratcher.

Ted directed by Seth MacFarlane:

It has been a while since I’ve gone to a film that made me laugh out loud like this one. Granted it is all silly stuff but that is exactly what I was expecting and got from Ted. I mean the whole premise of the story of a grown man who has a teddy bear, who walks and talks, as his best friend is preposterous. They were not splitting atoms here. As Seth McFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad) is involved as the voice of the bear and director you know it is going to be rude and crude. Check and check for those two categories.

John Bennett is a young boy in dire need of a best friend. One Christmas he wishes aloud that his teddy bear could be real and poof it happens. Now John (Mark Wahlberg – Contraband, The Fighter) is an adult and works as an assistant manager at a car rental agency. He is a bit of doofus though of the harmless variety.

Dating his very beautiful girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis – The Black Swan, Friends With Benefits) becomes a little tricky due to his foul-mouthed and stuffed best friend/teddy bear Ted (Seth McFarlane). Ted is not your typical talking stuffed animal (whatever that is) in that he swears, drinks a lot and brings home hookers. You can see where I’m going here…Lori wants John to get rid of Ted and Ted and John really don’t know how to live without one another. How much Ted really means to him becomes crystal clear when a slimeball (Giovanni Ribisi – Avatar, Lost in Translation) wants to kidnap Ted to give to his son.

No matter who you are you have to admit that listening and watching a potty mouthed teddy bear swear and chase women is funny. Though I must warn you that the film is not for the faint of heart as it is often racist, sexist, rude, irreverent, and basically offensive to most. What it most certainly is is a good time. I frequently laughed and laughed hard.  The one-liners keep coming fast and furious.

Special Features:

  • Digital Copy of Ted (Subject to expiration. Go to NBCUCodes.com for details.)
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Alternate Takes
  • Gag Reel
  • Ted: The Making Of
  • Teddy Bear Scuffle
  • Feature Commentary with Director/Co-Writer Seth MacFarlane, Co-Writer Alec Sulkin and Star Mark Wahlberg (Theatrical Version Only)

Ted 2 directed by Seth MacFarlane:

There is never a surprise when it comes to Seth MacFarlane films.  You know that you are going to get at least one old fashioned song and dance number, crass jokes and plenty of pop culture references.  If you think this sounds like a good time then check out Ted 2, if not stay home as it is more of the same from MacFarlane.


This time around it is six months later and Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth – Next, Get Smart) are getting married.  Ted’s best friend, Johnny (Mark Wahlberg – Boogie Nights, The Fighter), is a little glum as he is recently divorced.  Ted encourages his friend to get back on the horse and start dating again.  Or more precisely start sleeping with women.


We jump forward another year and the marriage between Tami-Lynn and Ted is going downhill rapidly.  Using the advice given to him by a co-worker, Ted tells Tami-Lynn that they should have a baby.  She is thrilled, but it is going to prove more difficult than either could have imagined.


First off there is the fact that Ted does not have the male appendage required to father a child.  So they decided on trying to get a sperm donor.  After a late night attempt at acquiring Tom Brady’s sperm does not pan out Johnny offers to do it.  Well, that leads to a disaster at the sperm bank.  Moving on, Ted and Tami-Lynn decide to adopt and that is when the big trouble happens.

The agency that they go to informs them that they have been refused based on the fact that Ted is not considered a person rather he is property.  Then adding insult to injury his bank account is closed, their marriage annulled and he loses his job for the same reason.  Ted is crushed.  Not willing to accept this lying down Johnny encourages him to see a lawyer to fight for his rights.  The firm they go to give his case to a fresh out of law school lawyer who will do it pro bono to get some experience.  Samantha Jackson (Amanda Seyfried – Dear John, Mamma Mia) takes on the case, but an even bigger threat to Ted in the form of Hasbro and Donny (Giovanni Ribisi – Avatar, Saving Private Ryan) looms on the horizon.


Despite the fact that it is essentially a crass comedy about the friendship between a man/child and his talking teddy bear named Ted the film does make some attempts at depth by looking at hot-button issues like race, civil rights and gay marriage.  Some of the stronger moments of the film (laughwise) are the tons of pop culture references that come on at a machine gun pace.  You get everything from Bill Cosby to Roots to Disney musicals as fodder for MacFarlane’s twisted sense of humour.  There is nothing as too soon for this guy and that brings on stuff like a Robin Williams joke.  Then he even has several actors/comedians like Liam Neeson and Jay Leno turn in cameos that end up working.  That almost never works, but somehow MacFarlane makes it.

What is most surprising about this film and the original is the believability and warmness that exudes from Mark Walhberg in his scenes with the bear.  He makes you believe the bear is a real thing, a real live actor he is sharing a scene with.  Completely invested in creating this relationship between man and teddy bear, Wahlberg brings you along for the ride.


Just like the original there is crude joke after crude joke piled into the film.  While the humour is rather uneven there are still enough good moments to make the a little too long film enjoyable.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

Deleted Scenes (1080p): Buy My Shoes (0:35), WWI (0:42), We Should Celebrate (0:35), No Rules(0:39),Text Tami-Lynn (0:32), Greek Orthodox (0:28), and Outside Meighan’s Office (0:55).


  • Gag Reel (1080p, 2:39).
  • Thunder Buddies 4 Lyfe (1080p, 7:28): An examination of the on screen chemistry of Ted and John, the best parts of the movie, how to act with a bear, and Amanada Seyfried’s character.
  • Creating Comic-Con (1080p): Four part feature covering the film’s attendance at Comic-Con including: The Exhibitors (2:56), The Costumes (3:21), The Stunts (4:15), and The Showdown (4:12).
  • Cameo Buddies (1080p): Quick look at a few of the stars that did cameos in the film and the characters they played: Morgan Freeman (1:22), Tom Brady (1:12), Liam Neeson (1:07), and David Hasselhoff (3:26).
  • A Giant Opening Dance Number (1080p, 8:48): A talk and look behind the scenes of the film’s title sequence dance routine.
  • Roadtripping (1080p, 8:51): A deeper look into the making of the film’s road trip sequence.
  • Audio Commentary: Producer/Director/Co-Writer Seth MacFarlane, Executive Producers/Co-Writers Alec Sulkim & Wellesley Wild, and Star Jessica Barth

Flash Gordon directed by Mike Hodges:

Oddly enough it is up to a New York Jets quarterback – odd because they can barely save a game never mind the planet – (played by Sam Jones) to save humankind. He is forced into the is position when some energy waves pull the moon out of orbit.  Now he has to fight on behalf of the planet Mongo.  Flash Gordon does get a hand from the lovely Dale Ardin (played by Melody Anderson) and all-around good guy Prince Barin (played by Timothy Dalton).  This trio goes up against the very evil Emperor Ming the Merciless (played by Max von Sydow).

This is campy to the Nth degree, people. Nothing is too outlandish or over the top for this film.  At times you will flinch at the outrageously bad dialogue or cover your eyes due to some ridiculous sets or costumes.  And yet, you will still watch.  That is the genius of this film.  That you keep watching despite that fact that it is awful.

Special Features:


  • Alex Ross, Renowned Comic Artist, On Flash Gordon
  • Writing A Classic: Screenwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr.
  • First Episode Of The Flash Gordon 1936 Serial
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • My Scenes
  • BD-Live – Basic Download Center


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