The Heat – Blu-ray Edition

Now this is a comedy.  And more than that this is a Melissa McCarthy comedy. With that knowledge going in you know that it is not going to be highbrow stuff.  McCarthy has made quite a career out of being silly.  Add in Sandra Bullock and you know you are going to have a very likeable film.  Likeable if you go in with reasonable expectations.


the heatTo be an FBI agent requires a certain type of personality.  A personality that involves ambition, sacrifice and discipline.  These qualities are ones that Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side, The Proposal) has in spades.  She is always looking to move forward in the ranks, so much so that she does not work well with others.  With that in mind, her bosses send her alone to Boston to work on a case involving a drug lord.  Sarah is after a man who has eluded authorities called Mr. Larkin.  The strategy is to locate his right hand man, Rojas (Spoken Reasons – first film), and if she I successful in her assignment there is a great chance Sarah will be promoted.  That is all the ambitious agent needs to hear to be full steam ahead.


Once in Boston she uncovers that Larkin has been taking out his competition one by one and that Rojas has been arrested by the Boston P.D.  Sarah is going to talk to him to try and get intel on Mr. Larkin.  She is told that the officer that arrested Rojas is not your typical cop.  Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy – Bridesmaids, The Boss) and Sarah meet and it is oil and water right from the get go.  The two do not get along.  At all.  Shannon finds out what Sarah is attempting to do and decides that she is going to go after Mr. Larkin herself.  Sarah is ordered by her superiors to work with Shannon on the case.  This is not going to be easy as they are certainly an odd couple.


Over the past couple of years women in comedy have been trying to prove that they can be as crass, crude and ridiculous as the men.  Since Bridesmaids, another film McCarthy was in, a steady stream of this type of comedy featuring female characters.  Melissa McCarthy seems only more than willing to time and time again be a part of a film like this.  This is new territory for Sandra Bullock.  Bullock has done her share of comedic films, but starring in a film that takes its comedic cues from films like The Hangover is a new addition to her credentials.


To be able to enjoy this film you have to find funny violent and boorish behaviour along with silly humour.  It does not aspire to be anything other than this.  Many will find it offensive while for others it will be right up your alley.  Interesting that there will be some who like crass comedy when men star in the films, but cannot seem to stomach that type of film when women are involved.


That being said Bullock and McCarthy work well together displaying a good onscreen chemistry.  Together they are funny, which is all you can really ask from a film of the sorts.  Yes, it is oftentimes base and largely predictable.  That does not mean it is not enjoyable.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Welcome to the Bonus Features (1080p; 00:27) Director Paul Feig discusses the always popular fart joke.


Mullins Family Fun (1080p; 9:20) Deleted scenes featuring Shannon’s odd family.


Acting Master Class (1080p; 8:28) Basically the cast acting silly.


Let’s Get Physical (1080p; 6:31) Bloopers that have in common their physicality.


Police Brutality (1080p; 6:43) Outtakes starring Melissa McCarthy.


Von Bloopers (1080p; 15:41) Another gag reel.


Supporting Cast Cavalcade (1080p; 7:44) Outtakes starring members of the cast.


Over and Out (1080p; 00:36) Director Feig once again serving up another fart joke.


All the Stuff We Had to Take Out but Still Think is Funny includes Deleted Scenes (1080p; 10:12), Extended Scenes (1080p; 14:45) and Alternate Scenes (1080p; 3:41)


How The Heat Was Made (1080p; 19:44) A making of.


Live Extras gave me a “This Feature is Not Supported in Your Country” prompt.


The Commentary Track featuring director Paul Feigh.


The Commentary Track featuring Melissa McCarthy and other cast and crew talking about the film.


The Commentary Track featuring some of the Mullins family.


Attend the June 23, 2013 Premiere of The Heat at The Ziegfeld Theater in the Comfort of Your Own Home!


The Original Lineup from Mystery Science Theater 3000 talks about The Heat.

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