Humpback Whales – 4K + 3D Blu-ray Edition

humpback whalesIMAX does justice to this giant and majestic creature. They attempt to educate us about this underwater and many ways mysterious species in the hopes of spurring us onto a more benevolent and conservational attitude towards them. In other words, they want us to stop hunting and killing them. You will learn and hopefully feel at the same time.


It is rather short but there is a lot crammed in there. There is more to it than the beauty of its visuals, which are fantastic. Ewan McGregor’s distinctive voice comes on and throws a whole bunch of stats and tidbits about the humpback whales. Those are all fine and dandy but it really is the visuals that will take your breath away and inform you of this gigantic creatures. I was astounded by how gracefully they move. It has been described by many as almost balletic and that is not far from the truth.


Then there are the not so beautiful moments when they bring in whaling. Rather gruesome and really brutal. Thankfully it moves in short order right back into education about the whales. We learn about how they vocalize and communicate. Really fascinating and eye opening. They link that in with the very (and surprisingly) successful album Songs of the Humpback Whale. Amazingly this album helped the conservation movement for these whales which has managed over the past few decades to have the hunting of whales outlawed. There are still a few countries who need to be convinced though so the battle continues.


The closeness the cameras manage and the light the shed on the largely unknown lives of the humpback whales is amazing. It brings a sense of connection and more of an understanding with them.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Making Of


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