Jeff Beck – Loud Hailer

jeff beck loud hailerWith the type of talent he possesses and the career he has had, Jeff Beck is allowed to do whatever he wants on his albums. The guitar virtuoso just oozes cool and rock royalty. At the age of seventy-two he shows no less passion about what he does then he did at the beginning of his career. When he picks up a guitar he can get out of it sounds and tones that bring forth a myriad of emotions. Beck can make his instrument scream loudly when called for in songs like “Thugs Club” and on another make it muted and restrained like on “Shrine”. A couple of the tracks are instrumental – “Edna” and the album’s highest moment “Pull It” – while the ones with lyrics do not go quietly as they challenge the media, politicians, the idea of fame, war and greed. The instrumental tracks really make you sit back and be astounded by his playing and don’t feel like they are missing voices. He keeps recording rock records and keeps coming back fresh.

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