The Tunnel: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

The Scandinavian countries have been producing a lot of quality films and television series.  For instance, the Swedish crime series The Bridge landed on many people’s radars. This time the Brits and French got together to redo the Danish/Swedish series.


Europe is a mess. Lots of bad stuff is going on. It goes from bad to worse when a well-known French politician is found dead smack in the middle of the Channel Tunnel. This tunnel runs across the French and English border. Each of these countries sends a detective to work the case. Karl Roebuck (played by Stephen Dillane) is the rumpled English detective and Elise Wassermann (played by Clémence Poésy) is the French detective who might have a touch of Asperger’s. Because of something shocking that is discovered at the murder site plenty of pressure is placed on the two investigators. They find themselves having to work together which neither is happy about.


The serial killer they are after is intent on making more statements about how they feel society has completely fallen apart and humans are now immoral beings. Every move he makes solidifies that he is in charge and Elise and Karl are just his puppets. The killer’s political agenda becomes supreme with the two detectives just chasing their tails.


the tunnel the complete first seasonAtmosphere is what The Tunnel is all about. As such, the pace is rather slow though that will not annoy rather is amplifies all the tension. Though that is not all that you get with this superior series. There are plenty of twists to go through but unlike other series that attempt them with The Tunnel they all work. The chemistry between the two leads is excellent with them playing well off one another. This is a series which fires on all cylinders.


Special Features:

20 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage

Cast interviews

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