Hell on Wheels: Season 5 – Volume 1 – Blu-ray Edition

hell on wheels season 5 volume 1Despite the fact that we live in Canada most of us tend to know a lot about American history. Or think we do. The Wild West is an era that captures the attention of many. It is filled with plenty of violence and set the plate for America becoming a major player in the Industrial Revolution and a world power. It is not all cowboys and Indians. The makers of the series try to keep it as realistic and true to what actually happened as possible. The series is ending but not because it is being cancelled rather because the story is winding down.


Learn about the history of how the railroad was built in the United States. Season five starts off with a bang with the first three episodes going at a frenetic pace. The East and West coasts of the U.S. meet up with the construction of the Union and Central Pacific Railroads. We get close to the men and women who were part of the building of the all-important railroads that brought both coasts together.


Cullen (played by Anson Mount) finds himself in a new town – mountain town of Truckee, California. The town is the home of the Central Pacific Railroad. It is packed with Chinese who have been brought in to work on the railroad. They speak a different language, eat different food and are just generally of a different culture. It is Cullen who is going to lead the blast through the Sierra Nevada Mountains in an effort to finish the first transcontinental railroad.


It is up to the writers of the series to give the characters we have come to like over the first four seasons the ending they deserve. We have become invested in the wide variety of characters in the series not only because of the solid writing but the strong acting of the cast. Standing above everyone is Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannan. He is a man’s man who is a supreme fighter with a gun or without and with a vulnerable side as well. A Confederate soldier who joined the Union Pacific Railroad in order to track the men who killed his wife. The series revolves around this character – a likable but flawed hero.


Special Features

-Inside The Episodes

-A Look At Season 5

-How The Chinese Built America

-Set Tour With Anson Mount

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