The Nice Guys – Blu-ray Edition

Not for everyone, but if you like stylized, quirky stuff then run, don’t walk to get this film.  A different kind of role for these two men and they wear it well.  Probably the best work that Russell Crowe has done in years.  He is perfect as the aging and a little heavy in midsection guy who hits first and asks questions later.  Ryan Gosling shows that he can do funny as well as serious.  He has some of the funnier lines in the film and delivers them to perfection.  To boot they have great onscreen chemistry


the nice guys1977 in Los Angeles sleazy private investigator Holland March (Ryan Gosling – The Notebook, The Big Short) is hired to investigate the death and believed to be suicide of adult film star Misty Mountains (Murielle Telio – Game of Assassins).  The clues lead him to a young girl named Amelia (Margaret Qualley – from television’s The Leftovers) and more importantly (in his life) to a rough around the edges private eye named Jackson Healey (Russell Crowe – A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator).  Healy is working a case about a missing girl and the two cases seem to inexplicably intertwine.


Soon, and begrudgingly at first, the men are working the case together.  Amelia disappears and it becomes apparent that March and Healy are not the only ones after her.  The subsequent search for her and the truth leads the two on a trail that involves stripper mermaids, a wild party, odd criminals, and a possible government cover up.


As far as stories go this one is not complex or original. Don’t take that as a criticism as it is not the star of the film.  It doesn’t try to be something that it is not.  That being said the story is a clever one with some great dialogue.  Keeps things simple and allows the viewer to focus on the look and atmosphere of The Nice Guys.  Tips its hat to influences like 80s buddy flicks, film noir and action films.


The film will divide viewers with some loving it while others despise it.  Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) has not made a subtle film.  With its violence, porn and some language to it.  Plus the fact that often it is nothing less than absurd.  The sight gags are heavy handed, but some will have you busting a gut.  Then there is the finale…thrilling and explosive.


Special Features:

Always Bet On Black

Worst. Detectives. Ever. Making The Nice Guys

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