Dolly Parton – Pure & Simple

dolly parton pure and simpleForty-three studio albums! Forty-three! If nothing else it does mean you are doing something right. Pure & Simple is country legend Dolly Parton’s forty-third album and demonstrates that she is still a relevant artist. It has that feel to it like she has put no effort into it. I mean that in a good way in that all that she does here sounds effortless. Even that seventy-year-old voice shows very little signs of wear. It is still strong and clear. All the ten tracks on the album are united under the umbrella of one theme: love. They are all sweet and work except for the silly “I’m Sixteen”. That song pushes the I haven’t aged a bit sentiment a little too far. Seemingly in an attempt to demonstrate how little she has aged, Miss Parton rerecords two songs that she did way back in the Seventies, “Tomorrow is Forever” and “Say Forever You’ll Be Mine”. That just proves that the artist and music she records is timeless. An added bonus is that you get a CD with her performance from this year’s Glastonbury festival.

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