Lucifer: The Complete First Season

Another based on the DC Comic character product. Is it overkill? After watching the first thirteen episodes of this new series I say resolutely “no”. Why? Because it is very different in approach and tone to the other DC Comics offshoots. This one is filled with humour, camp and charisma. A take on the Devil that is fresh and fun.


Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) has done and tried everything. The King of Hell is bored. So he decides he needs a change in his life and step one is giving up his throne of the underworld. Step two is taking up residence in Los Angeles – where else but the city of angels? There he is seriously undertaking his favourite hobbies – wine, women and song.


Things turn in a direction he could have never predicted after he sees a beautiful pop star murdered in front of him. Lucifer begins to have feelings for humans. This also throws his partner in crime, Mazikeen (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt), for a loop. LAPD detective Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German) begins investigating the murder and once she meets Lucifer she has conflicting feelings about him. Is he a good person? Evil? She is not sure. The two begin looking into the murder together. Lucifer realizes how good a person Chloe is. Begins to wonder if there is hope for humans. After this murder is solved Lucifer begins working as a consultant for the LAPD. Now the Devil is seeking justice and the truth. Odd.


lucifer season 1Lucifer is not to be taken seriously. I mean the show, of course. It is mean to be a silly send up of the evil character. As such the show does not have much substance to it. It is filled with good looking people, one liners and other such frivolities. Usually the storylines are weak but serviceable. They are just there to lay a background for the eye candy and repartee that Lucifer engages in.


Special Features

  • Lucifer: 2015 Comic-Con Panel
  • Character Profile: Amenadiel
  • Character Profile: Linda
  • Character Profile: Chloe Decker
  • Character Profile: Dan • Devilish Duo
  • Lucifer Morningstar
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel

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