Britney Spears – Glory

britney spears gloryA sort of comeback for Britney, the woman who will never go away despite what critics predicted, and it declares to the world that she has not changed a bit. It cements my long held belief that you always know what you are going to get with Miss Spears. Each song will be roughly three minutes long and a variety of pop/dance music. Nothing fancy; she keeps it simple. Britney and her people know what works for her and keep going back to that well. And we will probably never tire of it either. The first single “Clumsy” was dropped a couple of weeks ago and hinted at what was to come. It is bouncy electro influenced with the usual hand claps and robotic Britney voice. A surefire hit as most Britney songs turn out to be. Even when you don’t know it is her you can hear a Britney song coming from a mile away. Not blessed with the best voice she was born at the right time as technology has advanced enough that they can do tons with her nasally sound. No longer do we laugh or criticize her for altering it; it just is part of the package. This pop star has been around for nine albums or almost twenty years and continues to give the people what they want.

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