Jason Aldean – They Don’t Know

jason-aldean-they-dont-knowSeventh album and this Country artist is bringing the party hard. He continues to add plenty of rock to his country on They Don’t Know. At times you can definitely hear Def Leppard or Beastie Boys on different tracks. “Lights Come On” (the album’s first single that was written by fellow Country stars Florida Georgia Line) and “All Out of Beer” both could have been played at a Eighties house party to get the crowd up dancing. That is all fine and dandy if you just have a hankering for mindless up tempo music. Though I posit that he is at his best when he is doing more traditional Country music. That tends to happen when he slows it down and records a ballad. Despite the fact that his voice is rather throaty and forceful songs like “This Plane Don’t Go There” and “In Case You Don’t Remember” are equal parts wistful and bittersweet. It is on tracks like this that Aldean proves you can be cool and charming at the same time. Also demonstrates that he can move easily between rocking party songs to tender ballads and not confuse or turn off fans.

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