Bruce Springsteen – Chapter and Verse

bruce-springsteen-chapter-and-verseThe Boss comes from a long tradition of American storytellers who work within the music industry. His storytelling has taken on several variations over the years with 2016 seeing him delve into the autobiography arena. As a companion to the written word he has released an album called Chapter and Verse which can be taken as the soundtrack to the memoir Born to Run. To fill out the soundtrack with “Bruce” sounding music he has handpicked classics as well as some lesser known tracks. While listening to songs like “Living Proof”, “The River” or “Brilliant Disguise” it will come back to you why this guy is considered a master of painting a picture with his songs. So descriptive that they will evoke plenty of emotions. Lyrically he has few peers. As for the five unknown tracks they are mostly from his earliest days. One track, “Baby I” dates back to the late Sixties while others give you a window into the young man who was greatly affected by musicians who came before him like Van Morrison, The Band, Willie Dixon and Gregg Allman. He is so young and trying to find his voice.

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