Bob Weir – Blue Mountain

bob-weir-blue-mountainGood things come to those who wait or something like that. It has been a decade or so since we have gotten any solo stuff from Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir. Patience is a virtue is another saying. Waiting patiently has resulted in a beautifully constructed album filled with bluegrass music. The perfect example of all you need to make a good song are great lyrics, a strong guitar player and a weathered yet smooth voice is on “Ki-Yi Bossie”. Shivers are sure to ensue due to the laying open of a heart, mind and soul. Adding to the already elevated musicianship are Josh Ritter and the National’s Bryce and Aaron Dessner. They lend to the authenticity of the storytelling cowboy atmosphere of the majority of the songs on Blue Mountain. The result is a brand of country music that you don’t hear often or even at all today. Haunting, beautiful, melancholic, and compelling. Tales of the West with plenty of history in each track.  Pure Americana.

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