Thomas & Friends: The Great Race – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

As a parent of young children you must feel like plucking your own eyes out due to most of what they watch. Meaning most kids’ stuff is enough to make you want to scream it is so poorly done. Thankfully there are a few exceptions to that rule and Thomas & Friends is one of them. This one, The Great Race, is one that will be especially enjoyed by adults.


They have not forgotten who their target audience is, though. Meaning the jokes verge on slapsticky and the animation is bright and cheerful. Like most of the films aimed at young people there is the requisite moral lesson but it is not so obnoxious here that you’ll be hating the film as a result.


Another nice twist is the new characters that are of different ethnicities. Gives kids a little taste of the variety of people, voices and cultures around the world. The lesson here is that we can all have differences though still be relatable and accepted.


thomas-and-friends-the-great-raceThe Great Railway Show is upon us and the best train engines from all four corners of the world will be gathering to compete. Thomas (voiced by John Hasler) really wants to represent Sodor. Unfortunately it does not work out that way as Gordon (voiced by Kerry Shale) is selected over him. Gordon and the other engines begin the trip to the Show. The trip does not go as smoothly as hoped and Gordon finds himself in danger. It is now up to Thomas to try and save the day.


Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Will You Won’t You Sing-Along Music Video

-Streamlining Sing-Along Music Video

-Full of Surprises Sing-Along Music Video

-You Can Only Be You Sing-Along Music Video

-20 Exclusive Character Shorts

-8 New Guess Who? Puzzles

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