Downton Abbey: The Complete Collection – Blu-ray Edition

downton-abbey-complete-collectionStar-studded British ensemble drama centered around a mansion in Yorkshire starting in the year 1912. The subjects covered include war, economics and politics. It is basically a soap opera about rich folks and their servants. The interaction between the two groups is filled with gossip and emotion. Never a dull moment around this family and house. Plenty of British stars are featured in the series and lots of great acting. Maggie Smith, even though she is not a lead, steals the show. Every scene she is in she dominates.

Watching a season of Downton Abbey is akin to eating a meal with all the required food groups in it.  Anything your head or heart could want of the negative emotions is all here. Emotionally you will be put through the wringer watching this show. You get helpings of lies, distrust, sadness, disappointment, and shame. Instead of being discouraged you will be begging for more. Acting veterans as well as newcomers turn in performances that guarantee you’ll keep coming back. Whether you love or hate them the characters you’ll be dying to find out what is going to happen next. A British soap in the tradition of Upstairs, Downstairs that proves once again that those Brits know how to do television and films better than anyone.

Downton Abbey has been a huge hit since its first episodes. There is something about the British series that centers on the lives of rich folk and their servants that has captured the attention of the television watching population. So much so that it has gone on over its six seasons to become the most popular series ever for PBS. For six seasons it has owned Sunday nights. It was recently announced that season six would be the series last, so enjoy every last moment as the end is drawing nigh.


The large ensemble cast has been phenomenal throughout its run with each of them breathing plenty of life into their characters no matter how much screen time they get. A strong point of the final season is that all the main characters have a good amount of screen time so you get a sense of how their stories end. You know a series is good by the fact that when each episode ends you sit there for a few minutes wishing there was more.


The year is 1925 and the house is undergoing big changes for the family and its servant staff.  The post and pre-war world is undergoing rapid changes and no matter your social class you have to have to wits about you to adapt. These changes, social and other, put some of the people surrounding the Crawley family in precarious positions. Romance, tragedy, joy, sorrow, blackmail and suspense ensue.

Special Features:

—–CARS OF DOWNTON ABBEY – This is mainly about the race cars shown at the track. A sort of “making of” for that scene. The cars are so rare and expensive that their true owners had to drive them.

—–FAREWELL TO HIGHCLERE – Actors’ and producers’ impressions of filming at the site. A little about Highclere itself. Very brief.

—–CHANGING TIMES – An explanation of how that era was ending. What these changes meant to everyone. The future of great houses surviving as tourist attractions.


-Downton Diaries

-Making Of

-Meet the New Cast

-Behind the Drama

-Downton in 1920

-The Wedding of Lady Mary

-The Wedding of Lady Edith

-The Men of Downton Abbey

-Shirley MacLaine at Downton Abbey

-Behind the Scenes: Cricket Match

-Behind the Scenes: Journey to the Highlands

-Making of Downton Abbey

-A House in History

-Fashion and Uniforms

-Romance in a Time of War

-House to Hospital



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