Drive-By Truckers – American Band

drive-by-truckers-american-bandSoutherners Drive-By Truckers, like most Americans today, are trying to work their way through the upcoming election. They have chosen to do that using their art form – music. American Band works through all the big issues like war, the NRA, rise of Dixie pride, gun violence, racism, immigration and how white working class voters in the South feel alienated. Instead of being heavy handed about the whole thing the lyrics are rather reserved, intelligent and illustrative. Kudos go to songwriters Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley. They demonstrate themselves to be mature gentlemen and not young hotheads. To tell their tales they have chosen to blanket the words in traditional American sounds like rock, R&B boogie, honky tonk and roots. It will make some older fans think of southern bands like Lynyrd Skynard. Plenty of texture. Largely note perfect. Politics is discussed and explored without ever getting preachy. Questions are asked with many being left open ended. A powerful album that might upset some due to the political leanings but should not be overlooked if you don’t agree with their points of view.

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