Laid in America – Blu-ray Edition

laid-in-americaNot all teen flicks are this bad.  Actually quite a few are actually enjoyable on one level or another.  Laid in America, directed by Sam Milman (first feature film) and Peter Vass (first feature film), is in one word: painful.


Jack (Caspar Lee – Joe and Caspar Hit the Road) and Duncan (Olajide Olatunji – Brotherhood) are two exchange students (one from South Africa and one from England) who are doing their last year of high school in the United States.  Time is drawing nigh upon their U.S. experience and much to their chagrin they both find themselves still virgins.  They set about rectifying that on their last evening.


To help them accomplish that they are desperate to be invited to a party thrown by the quarterback of the football team, Tucker (Josh Leyva – Dirty 30).  The only problem is that Tucker hates them.  After much persuasion, Duncan gets Tucker to agree he and Jack can attend the party, but only if they bring a couple of hot girls.  Where are two geeks going to find two hot girls?


This problem lead to an evening filled with drug lords, a sex club, a Segway, and a gun-toting gangster named Goose (Bobby Lee – Pineapple Express, Keeping up with the Joneses).  It will lead to a night filled with adventure.


The two main actors in this film are both YouTube stars (who I was not familiar with before watching the film) and it is obvious from the get go that acting is not their primary profession.  Both give it the old college try, with Olajide Olatunji turning in the better performance, but neither can be described as quality actors.  Caspar does this weird thing with his face and voice that makes it seem like he is about to burst into tears in each scene.


Thinking about the target audience for this film (which I am not…at all) maybe they will be entertained by watching these two guys do whatever it takes which includes loads of crazy things to lose their virginity.  It might be enough, but I have serious doubts as there are plenty of better quality films out there.


Special Features:

-The Making of Laid in America

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