Green Day – Revolution Radio

green-day-revolution-radioOf the more commercial punk bands in existence today, Green Day is truest to the genre. That point is rammed home on their latest (and first in four years) album, Revolution Radio. Much of the music on the album will bring you back to bands like The Clash as well as more commercial bands like R.E.M. While there is some down tempo tunes to be found most will have you sprinting towards the mosh pit to throw your body around recklessly. See “Forever Now” if you want an example. The vocals by Billie Joe Armstrong come out in short bursts and growls. The drumming by Tre Cool assaults with its high tempo pounding. The guitars often sound like police sirens. All leading to the listener being whipped into a state of rage and energy. All that plus the messages, which deal with Armstrong’s addiction issues and worries about the future of the United States, and lyrics are potent. Song after song that just catches your attention and, going a step further, retains it. Green Day shows that they don’t need concept albums and are happy just being the band they were at the start. A classic Green Day album.

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