Maximum Ride

91ze3jndmyl-_sl1500_Fans of the New York Times #1 best selling series by James Patterson have been waiting for a long time for a film version. Fans should be happy with how director Jay Martin (7 Minutes) keeps the characters true to their written versions. They both act and look like you would have pictured them for the most part. Where it does deviate is that the film only covers about half of the first book and with less action. Can’t have everything, I guess.

Six kids are living in a house that is set remotely in the woods. They don’t seem to be related nor have any adult supervision. The eldest girl, Max (Allie Marie Evans – first film), seems to be in charge. She seems to keep them inside the house with no one allowed outside. They all seem to live in fear of something in the outside world.

Soon it becomes apparent that their fear is because they are different from everyone else. Different in that they have wings and can fly. As a result they live on the outskirts of society. Away from all humans. They are not human rather hybrids that were created in a lab known as The School. A lab they managed to escape from with the help of their caretaker Jeb (Peter O’ Brien – X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Return).

The School has sent The Erasers out after the six kids. Actually, they just want Angel (Lyliana Wray – first film) as there is something extra special about her. Now it is up to Max and Fang (Patrick Johnson – Endless Love, Mean Girls 2) to try and get her back.

Like many films of this type the budget here isn’t big so the special effects and CGI suffer as a result. Though the way they have “hidden” the wings is fairly cool. Just the parts where they are flying are pretty cheesy and phony looking. I would have been been willing to overlook the oftentimes awful dialogue or lightweight plot if the action scenes and special effects were decent. They weren’t, so the film stumbles along with precious few redeeming qualities.

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