Garth Brooks – Gunslinger

71xdztureml-_sl1200_After not recording any new music for 13 years it now seems like country star Garth Brooks is back in the game. His second album in two years is called Gunslinger, a great country album title. Instead of being reinvigorated and rediscovering his love for music it almost seems like he is going through the motions here. Nothing original. Every song falls into the expected category. Feels as if he just has a contract obligation to fulfill. There is even the requisite duet with his wife and fellow country singer Trisha Yearwood, “Whiskey to Wine”. Though this time it is one of the strongest tracks on his 10th album. Disappointing because it seems like the guy who was everything in Country music in the 90s is stuck for new ideas. You get an album that is equal parts cheesy ballads and fun party music. What saves this from being a total disaster is his strong voice and likeability.

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