American Gothic: Season One

91btippwq5l-_sl1500_Done well there is nothing better than a bit of camp. Over the top can be a lot of fun if done well. While the television series American Gothic has its ups and downs there is more here to enjoy than there is to complain about. Fun is the name of the game. Plus figuring out a twisted mystery about a serial killer and the who is telling the truth amidst a wealthy Boston family.

The Hawthornes, Alison (played by Juliet Rylance), Garrett (played by Antony Starr), Cam (played by Justin Chatwin), Tessa (played by Megan Ketch), and parents, Madeline (played by Virginia Madsen) and Mitchell (played by Jamey Sheridan), are in a state of chaos. Alison is running to be mayor of Boston against the incumbent, Mayor Bill Conley (played Enrico Colantoni). Cam is trying to figure out his marriage with Sophie (played by Stephanie Leonidas) while staying sober. Tessa is married to detective Brady Ross (played by Elliot Knight) and they are trying to start a family. Estranged oldest brother Garrett has returned when news of his father’s heart attack reaches him via Tessa.

While this health crisis is going on, so is the news that a serial killer who has been dormant for 14 years seems to be operating again. This becomes even more scary when it seems like the Silver Bell Killer might be a member of the Hawthorne family. Secrets and lies abound. Twists and turns occur. The Hawthornes begin to turn on one another suspecting each other.

American Gothic has an old fashioned feel to it. A traditional look and story. Scenes quickly end and bleeds into the next. A style you don’t see anymore. The way it is done leads to it keeping you guessing about things and who done it.

The first season of American Gothic makes it seem like it is going to be set up like American Horror. There are 13 episodes in Season One, but things are pretty much wrapped up by episode 13. Setting up the next season to be a different mystery.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-American Gothic First Look

-American Gothic at Comic-Con

-Gag Reel


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