Neil Young – Peace Trail

71e5ximrfcl-_sl1208_Despite being an age when most people slow down and enjoy retirement, Neil Young not only keeps working but working hard. Peace Trail is his second album of 2016. The guy from Winnipeg obviously still has plenty to say and communicate through his music. This time out, like many times before, it is a political and socially aware slanted album. The album, which was recorded over a short four day recording session, is filled with the same type of subjects as dominates today’s newscasts. He sings of cops who shoot citizens, the poor state of the environment, how we are addicted to our smartphones and the Dakota Access Pipeline. They are expected but the best moments here come when he shows a more personal and vulnerable side. The most concrete example of this comes with the track “Can’t Stop Working”. It details the compulsion the 71-year-old feels to keep performing, recording and writing music. Then he gets even more personal on the track about his recent divorce, “Glass Accident”. These moments plus his still stellar guitar playing are the reasons to pick up this album. Not his strongest but still better than a lot that is out there.

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