Eliminators – Blu-ray Edition

It seems like we have come to a time where if you are big in the wrestling or MMA world then you are put into films. Whether you have a proclivity for acting or not. Now let me start the review there. If you have a talent for telling a story through your wrestling (it’s fake, y’all) that is one thing, but bringing the arc of a fleshed out character is a different story all together. Now, in films like this they seem to realize the limits of their “actors” and don’t tell complex stories or demand much of them in regards to character development or conveying of different emotions. Such is the problem as it is these two elements which make for a good film.

eliminatorsAt first glance it seems like American living in London, Thomas (Scott Adkins – Doctor Strange, Jarhead 3: The Seige) is the perfect single father who has built his life around his young daughter. Then you begin to realize that there is nothing typical going on here. Your instincts are correct in that soon he is attacked in his own home by three masked gunmen and able to fight like someone trained to. Things become even more crazy when he and the masked gunmen realize that it is a case of wrong address; they are at the wrong home. What to do now? Thomas has seen at least one of their faces. Push comes to shove and several bodies are left in the wake and none are Thomas or his daughter.

News gets out about this seemingly average Joe warding off and killing three armed home invaders and catch the attention of the wrong person back in the United States. Turns out Thomas is a former U.S. Federal Agent who is now in witness protection with his daughter. And one of Europe’s deadliest assassins is sent after him putting his daughter’s life in danger. Now his training and a father’s protective instincts come together to put things right.

Certainly not a film for thinking types. Basically straight forward actions stuff. Hand-to-hand combat and gunfights.In that respect it does the basic to hold your attention. Don’t go in expecting character motivations or development, anything other than cheesy dialogue or none at all or an original story and you might find yourself not regretting your time investment.

Special Features:

-Bishop for Hire

-Digital Copy

-Hand-to-Hand Bishop

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