Deadrising: Endgame – Blu-ray Edition

Could have been better, but most certainly could have been worse. That is the best spin I can put on Deadrising: Endgame. It is a zombie movie with decent production values. You should not go in expecting more.

The story takes up two years after the first film. Television journalist Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe – from television’s Dallas) just barely escaped from the zombie quarantine area and is right back at work. What has followed him out of the quarantine area is the guilt of having left his colleague Jordan (Keegan Connor Tracy – 40 Days and 40 Nights, Final Destination 2) behind. He is now investigating how the military is involved in the breakout.

As such he is going back into the quarantine zone with the goal of exposing those behind the zombie outbreak and in the back of his head, rescuing Jordan. Chase is joined in this by allies, Sandra Lowe (Marie Avgeropoulos – from television’s The 100), Garth (Patrick Sabongui – from television’s Homeland), George Hancock (Ian Tracey – Man of Steel, Insomnia), and Susan Ingot (Camille Sullivan – from television’s Rookie Blue) in this endeavour.

deadrising endgameThough I might get some arguments from true zombie fans, I liked the zombies in this film better than the first. The zombies here are fast moving zombies and in my mind more dangerous so lending much more credence to them as a threat. Kept things much more interesting for me when they came up against humans as they were much more dangerous in hand to hand combat.

The action is pretty much non-stop once the story is set up. The ragtag group goes into the quarantine area and things start up right away. Tons of carnage and flying limbs ensues which, let’s not try to kid ourselves, is why you watch a film of this sorts. This is aided by the decent special effects. Does not really matter that the story and acting is just okay.

Special Features:

-Free Zombie Tattoos

-Bringing Zombies to “Life”

-From Game to Screen

-Making the Weapons

-Who is Chase Carter?

-Who is Jill Ekland?

-Who is Jordan Blair?

-Who is Sandra Lowe?

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