The Mangfather Bob Katz – Caught in a Butt Sandwich

bob katz caught in a butt sandwichQueer Brooklyn indie alt-hip-hop artist The Mangfather Bob Katz here, veteran of 70’s NYC street wars, the start of AIDS, sister pushed under a subway and immortalized by Grandmaster Flash, every single thing in these tracks happened to him. And weirdly, some of it’s funny.

He just came out with a new hip-hop album called Caught in a Butt Sandwich. Even though the album just came out, it’s already being played on major radio stations including including WFCS, WPKN, WESU, WMPG, WPCR, WCDB, WRHO, KALX, THE SOCC (Song of the Day), and WIRE and the album made the list of AJ.MP3’s Top Albums of 2016 at A.J. Radio on The WIRE ( Wentworth Internet Radio + Entertainment).  

It’s all edgy, it’s all personal, and once in a while it’s really funny, like the title track, Caught in a Butt Sandwich which has already gone viral with over 50k views on Google+. But then there’s The Good Old Days, exploring growing up in the outer boroughs of New York City through the violent lens of the song The Message by Grandmaster Flash. One of his most vivid references is to his sister, Renee Katz, whose hand was severed when she was pushed under a subway train.

Many of Katz’s fans believe that This Is My Funeral Song is the sleeper hit on the album, and several are telling him that they are obsessed with this funny but sad, dark but strangely optimistic, song. Woody Guthrie Gangsta Rapper starts out as an earnest folk song but if you listen carefully, the lyrics are a little twisted. Then at 1:30, The Ghost of Woody Guthrie interrupts the proceedings, the bass kicks in, and the rest is a hot, crazy mess. The rest of the album is pretty great too!

Track List:

1. Caught in a Butt Sandwich – title song of the CD, Sir Mix-A-Lot hits the subway, viral video



E2. The Good Old Days – The Message by Grandmaster Flash updated and personalized, raw



E3. Too Many Critics – funky pop-cultural critique with powerful vocals



E4. If You See Something Say Something/Yo Pizza Rat – nightmare police state, but funny



  1. The System – smooth R & B vocal and dance groove



6. This is My Funeral Song – play it at my memorial, suckers!



  1. Enter the Mangfather – A mango in a Maybach getting payback



E8. Woody Guthrie Gangsta Rapper – Where is that boy now that we need him? All hell breaks loose at 1:30!

E =      Explicit

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