Gavin & Stacey: Season One

gavin and stacey season oneHave you ever wondered what James Corden did before his late night talk show? Are you a fan of British comedies? Ever wondered if online or telephone relationships could work? Not sure what a Welsh accent sounds like? Well, this BBC series will answer all those questions (and possibly more) for you plus be a lot of fun at the same time.

Twentysomethings Gavin (played by Matthew Horne) and Stacey (played by Joanna Page) have been, due to work, talking on the phone for six months. Gavin lives in Essex in England and Joanna in Wales. The chemistry has been there from the beginning. Now they have set a time and place to meet up in London. Will it work out in person as well as it has been on the phone? Stay tuned!

It all starts with the script and writers James Corden and Ruth Jones, who both also star in the series, have done great work here. It is funny and witty. Definitely will give you some laugh out loud moments. The entire ensemble cast of Horne, Page, Corden, Jones and Alison Steadman (Pam), Larry Lamb (Mick), Melanie Walters (Gwen) and Rob Brydon (Bryn) are really good. Each character is well fleshed out and given their time to shine. Does not focus only on the romantic relationship between the two leads, but also male and female friendship as well as family relations. Will appeal to many different ages.

Special Features:

-How it Happened


-Behind the Scenes in Leicester Square

-Audio Commentaries

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