Penny Dreadful: The Complete Series – Blu-ray Edition

penny dreadful the complete seriesTwo of the entertainment world’s latest obsessions – mash-ups and reinvention of horror characters – make up the backbone of this new Showtime series. For fans of classic literature this is worth a check out as characters like Van Helsing, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and Dracula are involved. They are mixed in with original characters with the setting being London during the late 19th century.  Written by Oscar nominee John Logan (Skyfall, Hugo, Gladiator) and executive produced by Oscar winner Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Skyfall), the series is a great example of creepy gothic storytelling involving possession, twists, a dark atmosphere, mysticism, and scary psychosexual drama. The only down side of the first season was that it was too short at only eight episodes.

It takes a special kind of series that can tie together mythical creatures, literary figures, supernatural powers and religious overtones in a package that will entice and disturb but not completely turn off viewers by being completely over the top. One of the more pleasant surprises of the past couple of years in regards to television has been Penny Dreadful. Season two continues on with heaps of eeriness juxtaposed against sensuality. You’ll never feel at ease watching this show.


Season One leapt off the small screen with all of its crackling darkness, mystery and tension. The writing was note perfect, acting strong, costumes authentic looking and the set suitably gothic. It signaled the return of seemingly disappeared actors like Timothy Dalton and Josh Hartnett. You get a little bit about Frankenstein, vampires, werewolves, gunslingers, and a variety of other even odder characters.


Set in Victorian England, Penny Dreadful tells the tale of a group led by explorer Sir Malcolm Murray (played by Timothy Dalton) who band together out of circumstance and necessity to wage a battle against largely unseen supernatural evil forces. The ten episodes in this season see the band getting even tighter in order to be victorious against the evil that wants to end them all. Even those not involved in that fight, like Dorian Gray (played by Reeve Carney), the Creature (played by Rory Kinnear) and Brona (played by Billie Piper), all have their own battles to wage.

Special Features:

Video Production Blog

Reeve Carney Round Table

History of the Occult

Character Profile

Evelyn Poole’s Mansion

Interview/Behind the Scenes

What is Penny Dreadful

Literary Roots

Coming Together

The Artisans: Part One Set Decorations & Props

The Artisans: Part Two Production Design

The Grand Guignol

Prostitution and Sex in the Victorian Age

British Exploration and the Search for the Nile

The Science of Medecine

Ray Donovan: Season One, Episodes 1 + 2

Hecate’s Witch Prosthetics

The Making of Dr. Jekyll’s Lab

Vanessa’s Costumes

The Dead Zoo



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