Chicago Med: Season One

chicago med season oneDick Wolf is at it again. The man behind the Law & Orders along with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. is back with the third (and not the final addition) Chicago based drama. We first had fire and rescue then the police and not we get doctors and nurses. The circle is complete.

Chicago Med is a hospital in the windy city filled with attractive, talented and dedicated doctors and nurses who will fight to the ends of the earth for their patients while juggling their complicated personal lives. This is not groundbreaking stuff as we have seen all this done previously (and sometimes better) in series like ER, Grey’s Anatomy and St. Elsewhere.

The series focuses primarily on the trauma center of Chicago Med so the patients come in fast and furiously with plenty of tricky cases of the medical and psychological varieties.

Definite highlights of the series is the acting of Oliver Platt (as Dr. Daniel Charles, a quirky but talented psychiatrist) and Law & Order alum, S. Epatha Merkerson (as Sharon Goodwin, the former nurse who manages the trauma center). Scenes they are in are some of the best of the season.


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