Lupe Fiasco – DROGAS Light

lupe fiasco lightSixth album from Lupe Fiasco and it is his first not under the umbrella of Atlantic Records. New freedom equals a new sound? It has been released independently, so you would think that anything goes for this creative soul. And in some respects it is. First, this is the prelude and light hearted lead into his next album DROGAS. It manages to be frivilous sounding with a eye towards being a concept album. Interestingly he mixes that creativeness with beats that borrow from all the most recent rap trends. Everything in rap that has been hot from like 2010 on can be found here rhyme, style and sound-wise. You get auto-tune, gangsta rap, trap rap, triple flow, song-rap and French house. The first half is pretty much stuff you would hear on the radio whereas the second half is where you will find the really creative stuff. That division will leave some fans conflicted over whether they like the album. With all the variety it sounds like you are playing your iPod on shuffle. Sounds like now that he is unshackled from his big label Lupe is trying to make all the music he wanted to…in one album. He does sound happy on the tracks here with all the infectious beats ready to be absorbed by your ears and positive lyrics.

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