Ryan Adams – Prisoner

ryan adams prisonerFor alternative rocker Ryan Adams the 1980s was the best of times. He adores making music that is a kind of homage to his favourite musical decade. On his latest ode you will hear snippets of Foreigner, The Smiths and John Waite. The subject matter is love (won and lost) as is typical but he deals with it in a rather demure and somber way. It manages to be intimate and emotional without you feeling like you have been led around by your heartstrings. As he is one of the more prolific artists working today it should come as no surprise to you that the twelve songs found here are all originals. Despite the fact that he churns out music like nobody’s business Adams has managed to keep getting better and better with each release. Truly a craftsman who takes what he does seriously and obviously works hard on songwriting. When listening to a tracks like “Shiver & Shake” you will feel what he is feeling – the heartache. A rare talent. If any song in 2017 is going to move you to tears it will most likely be the title track, “Prisoner”.

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