Camelot: The Complete Series – Uncut Edition

camelot the complete seriesKing Arthur and his knights have had plenty written about them as well as quite a few films. It is a story that has captured many through the centuries. So much so that it is almost impossible to distinguish truth from fiction as much has been made up about him and the Knights of the Round Table over time. I would assume almost all of this series falls into the fiction category. No matter as it is quite entertaining most of the time.

I have no problem with them fictionalizing history a little (or even a lot) the key to it all is the execution of it all. It is all in the doing. The sets, scenery and costumes are all well done. All look great on film. In the end that is all icing on the top of a flat cake. The flat cake is the story/script with special emphasis on the dialogue, which is painful at times. The story itself is a little all over the place at times. Not having a true focus.

As for the acting it is a rather mixed bag with the biggest misstep being the lead actor. Though I am sure he would be fine in many other roles as Arthur Jamie Campbell Bower is not believable or compelling in the least. Too scrawny and wimpy looking rather than the imposing figure I expect King Arthur to cut. Plus his charisma is on the low end. Just not suitable to the role. On the plus side Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes turn in good performances.

After feeling like she has been scorned by her father, Morgan (played by Eva Green) plots her revenge from the convent she has been sent away to. Through her dabbling with magic the young woman is able to murder her father, King Uther (played by Sebastian Koch), via poisoning. The sorcerer Merlin (played by Joseph Fiennes) has foreseen this dark time and has a plan he puts in motion to get Uther’s illegitimate hidden away son Arthur (played by Jamie Campbell Bower) to step in as king.

That does not sit well with Morgan as she is not a woman to accept defeat. Her plots to get her father’s throne and Arthur inexperience at leadership will prove to be testing for everyone in the kingdom. Chaos ensues, blood will be shed and deception will become commonplace.

Special Features:

-The Characters of Camelot

-Scene Breakdowns

-Behind the Scenes


-Camelot Trailer

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