Bowling Darling

bowling darling2Since 2014 Bowling Darling has been under new ownership (Isabelle Lavoie) and things have only gotten better and better. Over that summer major renovations to it took place with an aim to it having a throwback to the 60s vibe about it. Now there are 24 lanes suitable for small ball bowling along with a full bar and a kitchen.

The facility hosts all kinds of different stuff from Disco Bowling on Sundays to leagues that run pretty much all year round. Because it is such a cool place it also host special events like the recent Red Bull Party to launch their 9th flavour.

If you are hungry while you are there it is not a problem. For a reasonable price you can get good food. Selection of sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, pogos and more! Plus drinks from the bar.

To prove how cool this place is you just have think that when singer/actor Justin Timberlake and and producer Timbaland were in town recently they came to Bowling Darling for a good time.

Additional Information:


Price per game –
DAY * EVENING * or W / E
Adult $ 3.00 $ 4.00
Child $ 2.00 $ 2.50
Rate per hour
18$        24 $
* DAY = before 6 pm
* EVENING = after 6 pm
Note: Rates are not available during DISCO FUN BOWLING periods. See the schedule below.


Super Bowl

Tuesday 13 h – 15 h
2 games with shoes included.

5 $ / person tx incl.


Weekly Hours

Monday 11 h – 16 h
Tuesday 12 h – 16 h
Wednesday 18 h – 22 h
 Thursday 18 h – 22 h
Friday 19 h – minuit
Saturday 19 h – minuit
Sunday 13 h – 17 h

Other hours and deals are available for groups of 50 or more.

-Summer Leagues:
Monday –
Tuesday 1 pm – 4 pm
Wednesday 7 pm – 10 pm
Thursday –
Friday –
Saturday –
Sunday –

514 522-7773

 -Disco Fun Bowling
Thursday 6 pm – 10 pm
Friday 7 pm – midnight
Saturday 7 pm – midnight
Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm

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