Welcome to the Loud House: Season 1 – Volume 1

welcome to the loud house season 1 volume 1No matter what your house is like (noisy, chaotic, busy, etc.) this one is going to make you feel a lot better. This one contains 11 kids – 10 girls and 1 boy. That poor boy! You’ll feel for Lincoln Loud after watching Welcome to the Loud House.

Lincoln Loud, 11-years-old, is the middle child in a house of 11 kids. Despite these dire conditions (ha! ha!) Lincoln has figured out and will show you how. He does plenty to stay one step ahead of his sisters. Adventures, laughs and chaos ensues.


Left in the Dark
Get the Message
Heavy Meddle
Making the Case
Driving Miss Hazy
No Guts, No Glori
The Sweet Spot
A Tale of Two Tables
Project Loud House
In Tents Debate
Sound of Silence
Space Invader
Picture Perfect
Undie Pressure


Linc or Swim
Changing the Baby
Overnight Success
Ties the Bind
Sleuth or Consequences
Butterfly Effect
The Green House
Along Came a Sister
Chore and Peace
For Bros About to Rock
It’s a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House

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