The Chainsmokers @ Bell Centre – June 1, 2017

the chainsmokers3When you are an act as hot as The Chainsmokers are right now it is hard to live up to the hype. They are presently the EDM act that gets the most notice now. Both of the positive and negative variety. For almost two hours these casually dressed guys managed to hold thousands of music fans in the palm of their hands. And you can’t ask for more than that.

Fans of EDM had no worries as most of their 110 minute set (it was long and never really lagged!) was true to the genre with a smaller fraction devoted to their more radio friendly tracks like “Paris”, “Closer” and “Something Just Like This”. Despite the fact that they top the charts with these songs the bulk of their set was made up of old school EDM. The set was made up of their songs and remixes of other artists’ tracks. They have gone a long way towards proving those wrong who believed that EDM could not be commercialized.

Everything about the band (music, them, etc.) is accessible to the masses. Though they are musical partners it is Andrew is mostly front and center. He does all the vocals so that means it is him who comes out from behind the DJ equipment to interact with the crowd. He is in no way an expert mover or dancer on stage, but does manage to keep your attention. Though I have to say that (even though he does not have a great voice to begin with) it sounded the constant touring and shows they have been doing over the past couple of years showed in his voice as it was tired sounding.

the chainsmokers4The most impressive part of the show was the production. Meaning the video screens, lasers, confetti, pyrotechnics, and lights. The LED screens were crazy large, clear and most of the time filled with fun animated stuff. As for the pyrotechnics there were more explosions and bursts of fire that there are at your typical metal show. The light show was continuous and very cool. Then there was the stage that was huge and featured a riser that came out of the middle of it and lifted Alex and Andrew up into the air giving the crowd a better view of them.

All this combined to keep the crowd up and dancing the entire show. The energy was incredible at times with the floor shaking due to the entire over 15,000 in attendance jumping up and down on command. Their fans were so into things that at times Andrew did not even have to sing the lyrics.

Opening act Kiiara was another story altogether. Despite her young age she injected no energy into the place. During her set she spent the time strolling from one side of the stage to the other at a pace that I use to stroll on the beach. Basically looking like she would rather be anywhere else. I know here brand of music is categorized as downcast electronic pop, but really? She definitely did not do her part of warming up the crowd.


  1. (Riot Ten cover) (with samples of “Closer”)
  2. (Boombox Cartel cover) (with samples of “Don’t Let Me Down”)
  3. (Smallpools cover)
  4. (Rae Sremmurd cover)
  5. (Boxinbox & Lionsize Remix)
  6. (piano solo intro; with Wuki Remix)
  7. (with Virtual Riot Remix)
  8. (Tove Lo cover)
  9. (drum solo outro)
  10. (Daft Punk cover)
  11. (Dr. Dre cover)
  12. (Daft Punk cover)
  13. iPhone Playlist Interlude
    (Hypnotize / Last Resort / Don’t Stop Believin’)
  14. (with Emily Warren) (with piano solo)
  15. Encore:

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