Beauty & the Beast: The Complete Series

91mKIQde2bL._SL1500_Having entire series like this on disc is perfect for binge watching without using any of your precious date. You can watch the entire Beauty & the Beast series (filmed in Toronto and starring Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk) without commercials on your own time frame. No distractions!

The age old tale of the beautiful woman who loves a beast. That love makes them stronger – together and apart. Sounds simple because it is not. Love never is but in this situation it is even more difficult. Vincent Keller (played by Jay Ryan) was an American soldier in Afghanistan who volunteered for a super soldier program was made into the beast. When things went wrong the American company in charge, Muirfield, begins to kill off all the beasts. Except for Vincent who manages to escape.

Luckily for Catherine Chandler (played by Kristin Kreuk) he does escape because he manages to save her life. Unfortunately Cat’s mother is killed by the people from Muirfield. Ten years pass and Cat is now a detective in the NYPD and hers and Vincent’s paths cross again. This time she falls in love with Vincent. But it is not easy as the people from Muirfield are hunting Vincent. They dream of being a normal couple but because of his beast side it is easier said than done. It seems he will always be hunted.

The CW series ran for four seasons and had a kind of cult following. Cat is not your typical damsel in distress in that she is pretty kick ass herself. Nice mix of comedy, action and romance. It does get a little predictable after a while but the two attractive leads have nice chemistry and are easy on the eyes.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Dressing the Beauty

-Gag Reel

-Creating the Beast

-Season in Review: The Beginning

-Season in Review: The Beast is Back

-From Script to Screen: Creating an Episode

-Set Tour: The Gentleman’s Club

-Season to Review: The Beast Strikes Again

-A Day in the Life of the Writer’s Room

-Season in Review: Farewell to the Beast

-Closing a Chapter: A Fond Farewell

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