Nerdland: Unrated

nerdlandA attempt at comedic romp. Animated. A total stoner flick. You might have to partake in the plant in order to fully enjoy this feature-length film. Not a recommendation, but…

The idea behind the film is a timely one in this era of YouTube and reality show celebrities. And that weak storyline works for maybe 30 minutes but the last 55 drag on and on and on. Rudd and Oswalt give it the old college try though they are not given that much to work with.

It is an animated film aimed directly at adults. Not kid friendly in the least.

Aspiring actor John (voiced by Paul Rudd) and lazy screenwriter Elliot (voiced by Patton Oswalt) are seeing their dreams of fame and stardom slip out of their hands. They are desperate. Well, John is anyway. Things seem even more desperate as they are both turning 30 soon. In a stroke of brilliance (or so he thinks), John poses that there are many ways in today’s celebrity obsessed world there are more ways than ever to become famous. Commit a crime. Be a hero. With this in mind John and Elliot vow to become famous by any means by the end of the day.

With the half-hearted help of a collectible store owner (voiced by Hannibal Burress), the two set out on a series of headline grabbing stunts. When one after another of their attempts fails miserably they stumble upon fame by becoming witnesses in a high profile crime. Once fame comes to them, however, it is not as they pictured it.


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