The Rockford Files: The Complete Series – Blu-ray Edition

81FSC6mnDrL._SL1500_Only in TV land could an ex-con turn into a private investigator and not only did it happen but James Garner won an Emmy for it. To clarify the issue he has been released from jail when he is found to actually be innocent. Jim Rockford now lives in a mobile trailer in Malibu and solves some big cases in the city of Los Angeles. He uses his street smarts, quick wit and stuff he learned behind bars in order to catch the bad guys. This private detective is a man’s man and always gets his man.

An anti-hero detective Rockford is a cool guy. How else would you describe a guy who works for $200 per day plus expenses and drives a Firebird?! It is a a role for the deceased Garner that earned him a Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe.

Here you have all 120 episodes from the six seasons it aired on television. The picture is great as the episodes have been newly remastered in high definition.

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