Grimm: Season 1 – Blu-ray Edition

We’ve all heard or read Grimms’ fairy tales at one point or another in our lives. But what you know is not exactly accurate. Whether it was Snow White or Hansel and Gretel or Rapunzel or Cinderella we are more familiar with the cleaned up versions of German natives Jacob and Wilhelm’s tales. The original tales are dark and scary and in other words not something that Disney would make an animated film out of or parents would read as a bedtime story to their kids. The television producers behind the successful series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel have brought the original tales to the small screen with a twist.

A homicide detective working in Portland named Nick Burkhardt (played by David Giuntoli) one day on the job begins seeing things he cannot explain. Before he begins to believe that he is going mad his Aunt Marie (played by Kate Burton) comes to town and tells them that he is a descendant from a long line of Grimms. This means that he can see what others cannot; Nick will be able to tell who is a creature masquerading as a human. Obviously this blows his mind and complicates his life immensely.

Episode 1: Pilot: Portland police detective Nick Burkhardt is working on the brutal murder of a college student while she was running in the woods when he discovers he has a special ability.

grimm season 1Episode 2: Bears Will Be Bears: While working on a case Nick asks Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell) to look over his Aunt Marie while she is in the hospital.

Episode 3: BeeWare: Nick uses the stuff in the trailer that his Aunt Marie left him to help solve his latest case involving a woman dying of a bee sting while riding on a city bus.

Episode 4: Lonelyhearts: After a woman is suffocated, Nick and Hank (played by Russell Hornsby) question the owner (played by Patrick Fischler) of a B&B who seems to have a mysterious power over women.

Episode 5: Danse Macabre: When a music teacher turns up dead the number one suspect is a trouble prodigy (played by Nick Thurston).

Episode 6: The Three Bad Wolves: While working on an arson case Nick has to keep Monroe from losing his temper and putting himself in danger.

Episode 7: Let Down Your Hair: The cold case of a missing child is reopened after a murder in the woods.

Episode 8: Game Ogre: Nick and Julia are attacked by a man that seems indestructible and it is Monroe to the rescue.

Episode 9: Of Mouse and Man: The creatures issue a harsh warning to Monroe concerning his working with a Grimm.

Episode 10: Organ Grinder: Nick thinks about telling Juliette (played by Bitsie Tulloch) about his heritage and ability.

Episode 11: Tarantella: A murder resulting in a desiccated corpse seems linked to a string of killings five years ago.

Episode 12: Last Grimm Standing: A murder leads Nick and Hank to uncovering an underground fight club run by creatures.

Episode 13: Three Coins in a Fuchsban: The discovery of the Coins of Zakynthos at a murder scene leads to Nick learning about their powers and Hank and Captain Renard (played by Sasha Roiz) feeling their power.

Episode 14: Plumed Serpent: Nick’s latest case involves a sexy fire dancer that is causing Juliette some feelings of jealousy.

Episode 15: Island of Dreams: The owner of a Wesen spice shop is robbed and killed while Renard orders Adaline (played by Claire Coffee) to make Hank fall for her.

Episode 16: The Thing With Feathers: Nick’s attempt to take Juliette away on a romantic weekend does not go off as either would have hoped.

Episode 17: Love Sick: Nick is not happy when he finds out who Hank has brought on his double date with Nick and Juliette.

Episode 18: Cat and Mouse: A Verrat assassin is killing everyone in his way while attempting to get to his target.

Episode 19: Leave it to Beavers: Juliette decides to invite Monroe over for dinner.

Episode 20: Happily Ever Aftermath: A wealthy woman is murdered leading Nick and Hank to her three daughters.

Episode 21: Big Feet: Juliette comes across a murder scene and rumours of it being committed by Bigfoot start circulating around Portland.

Episode 22: Woman in Black: Nick is hot on the trail of the last living murderer of his parents.

Special Features:

-Deleted and Extended Scenes

-Gag Reel,

-The World of Grimm, Grimm: Making Monsters

-Audition Tapes

-VFX Progressions

-Highlight Reels

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