Be the Bear – Erupt

be the bear eruptBe The Bear¬†is a one-woman industry ‚Äď a fiercely¬†independent¬†female artist and producer, writing and¬†recording her own songs in her commercial studio in Gothenburg, home to her own record¬†label Loud Attic Records and publishing company. Be The Bear‚Äôs debut single¬†‚ÄėErupt‚Äô¬†is a spectacular representation of this¬†young gifted Swedish talent, who has the confidence to create music in an uncompromisingly unique way.

The alias Be The Bear derives from Christina‚Äôs childhood fear of bears and recurring cold-sweat nightmares.¬†‚ÄúI used to dream about them every night, chasing me up old wooden staircases. When dreams come back again and again, I think it’s because you‚Äôre trying to deal with something. I wasn’t facing my fears and challenging myself.‚Ä̬†Christina adopted the totem of the wild bear, creating a powerful musical persona for herself. When asked about¬†Erupt,¬†Christina states: ‚ÄúErupt is my ode to new places in life and an invocation to the fearlessness in all of us. It‚Äôs about the learning experience of transporting strong emotions into something physical‚ÄĚ.

This Norse alt pop epic builds from a whisper into an inspiring vocal performance that is guaranteed to give you goose bumps. Accompanied by a 60-piece string orchestra, Christina‚Äôs voice is at once intimate, passionate and cathartic with an honesty reminiscent of Aurora and Emiliana Torrini, rising to an explosive and uplifting Bj√∂rk and Susanne Sundf√łr. Christina‚Äôs work is in huge demand with music supervisors and sync companies, having already featured in several high profile¬†global¬†ad campaigns.

Erupt is a milestone of an effervescent artist, and will be out on Christina’s label- Loud Attic Records, through Kobalt. It will be in all the usual places Friday 9th June 2017.

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