Tom Lee-Richards – “Beside You”


“‘Beside You’ is about how we choose to communicate with the people in our lives romantically or otherwise – how connections can evolve.”

tom_lee_richards-e1491214344149To reflect this the Music Video Director Lachlan Dickie explores connection in odd circumstances. He created a dystopian future world. Inspired by films like ‘LA GUERRE DU FEU’, a French dialogue free feature film about cavemen, he asks what kind of relationships would exist within a devolved civilisation. “Even if we have progressed incredibly and have conquered mortality, I wonder what kind of strange world will be left to experience.”

The song and video are not without tongue and cheek moments though, smiling at how bizarre humans are and celebrating that.

Tom Lee-Richards is a New Zealander born and raised, and will be embarking on his first set of UK dates this summer (below). He comes from a great back in Australia after multiple pickups on Triple JThe AU Review and Tone Deaf.

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