WWE: Fight Owens Fight – The Kevin Owens Story – Blu-ray Edition

fight owens fight


Kevin Owens vs. CJ Parker – Debut fight for Kevin Owens. He made a good first impression upon WWE fans.
NXT TakeOver: R-Evolution ’14

vs. NXT Champion Sami Zayn – Owens was completely dominant. He earns a champion belt.
NXT Takeover: Rival ’15
[NXT Greatest Matches Vol. 1]

vs. John Cena – One of the few champion vs. champion fights. Both men are pushed to their limits.
Elimination Chamber ’15
[Best WWE PPV Matches 2015]

vs. Intercontinental Champion Ryback – Once again Owens paid close attention to a particular body part of his opponent.
Night of Champions ’15

Last Man Standing Match vs. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose – A totally physical fight. Each man showing their trademark moves.
Royal Rumble ’16
[Best PPV Matches 2016]

vs. Dolph Ziggler – A very back and forth fight.
“Main Event” Apr. ’16

Kevin Owens & Triple H vs. Sami Zayn & Dean Ambrose
Paris, France • April 22, 2016

vs. Sami Zayn – Was billed to be their final fight. Physical throughout.
Battleground ’16

WWE Universal Championship Match vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Big Cass – Each man tried to implement their strategy. Action happened inside the ring and out.
“RAW” Aug. ’16
[Best Of RAW & SmackDown 2016]

WWE Universal Championship/Hell In A Cell Match vs. Seth Rollins – Weapons aplenty were featured. The ending was especially action packed.
Hell In A Cell ’16

vs. United States Champion Chris Jericho – Started fast and furious then Owens slowed it down. Offense and tactics displayed by both.
WrestleMania 33

vs. Adrian Neville – Not a Championship fight. Neville was looking for revenge against Owens.
“NXT” Feb. ’15

vs. Sami Zayn – Ten years these two have face off in the ring. Highlight fight of the show.
Payback ’16
[Best PPV Matches 2016]

vs. Roman Reigns – Non-title fight. A back and forth fight. T
“RAW” Sept. ’16

WWE Universal Championship/No Disqualification Match vs. Seth Rollins – Fought in Owens’ home country of Canada. A physical fight.
“RAW” Nov. ’16
[Seth Rollins: Building The Architect]



My Journey
Maybe I could be a wrestler?
A Moment that Switched Our Lives Entirely
Mr. Wrestling
Turning Point
The Top Guy
WWE Tryout
WWE Debut
WrestleMania 32
All For Family
WWE Universal Championship Match
The Kevin Owens Show


WWE Tryout Match?
Steve Corino
Reflections in Brooklyn
No Singlet
The Name Kevin Owens
Six Months
WWE Debut
Superstar Ink
Teaser # 1
Teaser # 2

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