The Pink Panther Film Collection – Blu-ray Edition

When I was growing up The Pink Panther films were my go to if I found myself needing a laugh. The combination of silly humour along with sight gags were the winning combination. Here you have all Inspector Clouseau films starring the brilliant Peter Sellers (1962-1983). I cannot picture anyone else in the role (I am looking at you, Steve Martin). Amazingly, Sellers only got the role because Peter Ustinov dropped out of it.

In Sellers’ hands Inspector Jacques Clouseau was a lovable but clumsy and a bit dense inspector in the French force. Sounds very simple but in the hands of Peter Sellers it is one laugh after another. Plus, somehow in the end through all his ineptness Clouseau somehow gets the job done and catches the bad guy(s). So much fun and I have not even talked about his zany disguises.

the pink panther film collectionThe Pink Panther films included in this NEW set will be:

1.) The Pink Panther DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Mono/1963/Not Rated/115 Minutes.
2.) A Shot In The Dark DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Mono/1964/Rated PG/102 Minutes.
3.)The Return Of The Pink Panther DTS-HD Master Audio Mono/1975/Rated G/119 Minutes.
4.)The Pink Panther Strikes Again DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Mono/1976/Rated PG/103 Minutes.
5.) Revenge Of The Pink Panther DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Mono/1978/Rated PG/91 Minutes.
6.)Trail Of The Pink Panther DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Mono/1982/Rated PG/97 Minutes.

Special Features:

– An Italian Indian: The Pink Panther Princess
– Audio Commentary by writer/director Blake Edwards
– 2003 Featurette – The Pink Panther Story
– 2003 Featurette – Behind the Feline: The Cartoon Phenomenon
– 2008 Featurette – A Conversation with Robert Wagner: Coolest Cat in Cortina
– 2008 Featurette – Diamonds: Beyond the Sparkle
– 2008 Featurette – The Tip-Toe Life of a Cat Burglar: A Conversation with Former Jewel Thief Bill Mason
– Theatrical Trailer
– Photo Galleries

-Featurette – Back to the Start: The Origin of the Pink Panther
– Audio Commentary by Jason Simos of the Peter Sellers Appreciation Society
– Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews on The Dick Cavett Show
– Theatrical Trailers
– The Pink Panther/A Shot in the Dark 1966 reissue Theatrical Trailer

– Featurette – A Bit of Passion and Lots of Laughs: an interview with actress Catherine Schell
– Featurette: an interview with production designer Peter Mullins
-Audio Commentary by Jason Simos of the Peter Sellers Appreciation Society
– 1975 Featurette: The Return of Laughter (The Making of The Return of the Pink Panther)
– TV Spots
– Radio Spots

-Featurette – Panther Musings: an interview with actress Lesley-Anne Down
-Featurette – A Cut Above: Editing the Pink Panther Films
-Audio Commentary by Jason Simos of the Peter Sellers Appreciation Society
-1976 Featurette – Clouseau: The Greatest Fumbler in the World (The Making of The Pink Panther Strikes Again)
– Rare Teaser Trailers

-Audio Commentary by author and film historian William Patrick Maynard


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