The Tunnel: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edition

81ISauwewAL._SL1500_Eighteen months have passed since we last left off this story. Wasserman (played by Clemence Poesy) has been promoted to Commander. while DCI Roebuck (played by Stephen Dillane) is still in a state of grief. There has been no communication between the two. That is until two things happen. Two things that seem to not be related at first glance – a plane has crashed into the English Channel leaving no survivors and a couple have been kidnapped while in the Tunnel leaving behind their young child.

Are the two cases connected somehow? The two investigations begin one on the coast of England while the other in Northern France. After a short period it seems like a terrorist cell is behind both things. Wasserman and Roebuck begin looking at the clues and begin to work somewhat together.

This is a PBS production in a British-France partnership based on a Swedish/Danish series. Though the pacing can be slow it is addictive. Once you start watching you won’t want to stop. Like the first season there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested and guessing. Each aspect of the story has been carefully thought out. Despite the fact that the two main investigators are completely different (male/female, middle aged/young, English/French) they work wonderfully together and the two actors portraying them have great onscreen chemistry. Not your typical type of cop show.

-Special Features:

-30 Minutes of Bonus Materials


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