Boss Baby – 4K Blu-ray Edition

Admittedly just the sound of Alec Baldwin’s (from television’s 30 Rock) makes me giggle. Big advantage then that he is providing one of the two lead voices in this animated film. The idea of his gravely obviously adult male voice being that of a baby is funny right off the hop. And the man has comedic timing up the wazoo.

Maybe because of its old school feel or because the story is admittedly a little thin, critics have almost to a man/woman pooped all over the film. That has not dissuaded film goers from buying tickets to The Boss Baby. It has been the number one film at the box office for two weeks.

81MCmDszhoL._SL1500_All babies are sorted into two categories – those that will be born into families and those that will work for Babycorp. Babycorp is the company responsible for the creation of the babies. In other words, they have a vested interest in the popularity of babies. When it becomes apparent that they are falling way behind Puppycorp and their cute puppies worry sets in. Not willing to rest on their laurels Babycorp sends down to Earth one of their best and brightest.

The Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) is sent down to live “undercover” with the Templetons. Mom (Lisa Kudrow – from television’s Friends) and Dad (Jimmy Kimmy – from television’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!) are thrilled. Previously only child Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi – Shrek Forever After) is not happy in the least. He sees the new baby as a threat to his position in the family as the centre of his parents’ world.

Things seem to be going downhill quickly for Tim until he stumbles upon the fact that the baby is not your typical baby in that it can talk and seems to have plenty of money. Tim and Boss Baby begin to battle over the secret. With the baby always seeming to get the upper hand.

Soon the fact that Boss Baby has been sent down on a secret undercover mission to find out what Puppycorp’s latest puppy creation will be and then squash it. Tim agrees to help Boss Baby and his minions for the sold reason that if Boss Baby stops Puppycorp he will then leave the Templeton household forever returning Tim to his previous only child position. But will their paper thin relationship be strong enough when they have to come up against the bad guy, Francis (Steve Buscemi – from television’s Boardwalk Empire)?

Kids will get a kick out of the film. It is colourful, funny, fast paced, and filled with poop jokes. What more could a 6 and under ask for? The quips are for the most part kid friendly and sight gags definitely are. Goofy will always have kids eating out of the palm of your hand…as well as a few adults. There was plenty of giggling from the younger members of the audience in my screening.

Yes, the story is silly. That is the point. It does not pretend that it is anything but. Really makes it feel like something from the past, which I rather enjoyed.

At the end I felt a little nostalgic in that much of The Boss Baby, though it is never really clarified when the film takes place, takes place about 30 or 40 odd years ago. Subtly, things like the telephones, lack of video games, kids having to use their imagination to play, and the toys are all from a time a few decades ago. Imagination is the cornerstone of the film and makes it a winner in my books. Reminds us of how we of a certain age played during childhood. When there were no iPads, Netflix or video games. We had to make our own fun just like Tim does. Ah, the good old days!

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • NEW Mini Adventure: The Boss Baby and Tim’s Treasure Hunt Through Time ­– Narrated by Wizzie, the magical wizard.
  • The Forever Puppy Infomercial
  • BabyCorp and You
  • Babies vs. Puppies: Who Do YOU Love?
  • The Boss Baby’s Undercover Team
  • Cookies are for Closers: Inside BabyCorp
  • The Great Sibling Competition


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