Dead Shack @ Fantasia

download (2)Gory action, the undead and some very unique but highly effective weapons. If that sounds like a good time at the movies to you then Dead Shack is your cup of (very bloody) tea. It is a dark comedy in the form of a a gory horror film that takes place in the woods and teenagers find themselves having to fight off a crazy neighbour and some undead beings in order to try and save themselves and their clueless parents.

14-year old Jason is a pretty funny kid though tends towards the conservative side. He finds out from his parents that they are going to spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods. Jason decides to bring along his big mouthed best friend, Colin (Gabriel LaBelle – appeared in episodes of iZombie and Motive) and his older sister Summer (Lizzie Boys – appeared in episodes of The 100 and Motive).

The cabin is not exactly an idyllic place. Actually it is rather run down. Dad Roger (Donavon Stinson – Warcraft: The Beginning, Fantastic Four) and step-mom Lisa (Valerie Tian – Juno, 21 Jump Street) always seem to be in the midst of a party, so the teens are pretty much left to their own devices. Which is cool until it becomes apparent that there is something off about the neighbour (Lauren Holly – Dumb and Dumber, What Women Want).

Of course, the parents, who always seem to be drunk, don’t believe them when they say what they saw, but the danger is real. They all become potential meals for the undead creatures next door. Now Jason, Colin and Summer have to make makeshift weapons and figure out a way to get through the weekend without being eaten.

Horror tends to be dark. Many filmmakers, like in this case with director Peter Ricq (Come Together), add some punch to that by instilling comedy in with all the gore. The result is pure entertainment when done right as it is here. The result is an 80s kids film mixed with a splatter film Loads of fun!

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