Gov’t Mule – Revolution Come…Revolution Go (2 CDs)

71Z7yMUB+eL._SL1200_It is a special talent to be able to make politically charges songs that also sound like jams. The thought involved in the lyrics coupled with the loose nature of the music makes for a great listen. Veteran Southern Rock band Gov’t Mule is certainly up to that challenge. The track “Stone Cold Rage” is a perfect example of what I am talking about. With its combination of distorted guitars and the idea of the people taking their protest to the streets. As they roll through other tracks like “Drawn That Way” and “Thorns of Life” it begins to dawn on you that listening to Revolution Come…Revolution Go is like listening to the band perform live. They have captured that essence. Whether they are giving it to you with soul (“Sarah Surrender”) or funk (“Revolution Come,Revolution Go”) it is all great. The greatest of all this quality is the Jerry Garcia-esque mixed with the Allman Brothers sound of “Travellin’ Dog”. Every song on the album shows you how music is still an important tool in protest and that is matters. If you do it right.

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