The X-Files: The Complete Sixth Season

Precious few television series warrant a rewatch. The X-Files is an exception to that rule. Throughout most of its nine season run it provided sci fi aficionados and fans of shows centered on government agencies like the FBI plenty of food for thought and pure entertainment. Not a show that ever allowed itself to be pinned down or pigeonholed, the X-Files kept coming up with new and fresh stories each week.

5137ZFJY20LSeason six is the first one that was filmed in Los Angeles. The previous five season were filmed in Vancouver. It did not affect the high quality of the show in the least. Though visually it is a little different without all the greyness and rain of Vancouver, the stories told in season six are some of the best and most innovative of the entire series. There is enough conspiracy, aliens, drama and humour to go around. Not only the mythology episodes are strong but the stand alone ones as well. The result of all this is that our two favourite FBI agents are brought even closer together than ever.

As the season begins Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny} and Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) have fallen into even more disfavour at the Bureau (if that is possible) after their story about the deadly virus and an alien spaceship in Antarctica are disbelieved. As punishment they have been relieved of their duties on the X-Files, which has been reassigned to Agent Jeffrey Spender (played by Chris Owens) and Diana Fowley (played by Mimi Rogers). The two agents are now spending their days doing grunt work and working apart.

Of course Mulder does not accept this and goes about still trying to investigate the X-Files. This goes on to varying degrees of success for a while until Agent Spender’s mother Cassandra Spender (played by Veronica Cartwright) returns claiming that the aliens are about to colonize Earth are Mulder and Scully reinstated to the X-Files. Once there a case involving an artifact found in Western Africa which Mulder claims to be alien comes upon them. Mulder believes that it proves that all human live came about as a result of the aliens. It will be up to Scully to sort her way through this case as Mulder, affected by the artifact, has become mentally deranged.

Watch out for the cameos by Bryan Cranston, Nora Dunn, Michael McKean, Ed Asner, Lily Tomlin, Bruce Campbell and John Hawkes.

Special Features:

-International Clips from “The Beginning”, “Dreamland II”, “Two Fathers”, “Arcadia”, “Three of a Kind”, “Biogenesis”

-Season 6 Special Features

-Commentary Tracks From “Triangle”, “Milagro”

-Cast Credits

-Deleted Scenes

-Alternate Ending From “Alpha”

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