Ma Vie de Courgette @ Fantasia

maxresdefault (2)An adaptation of a book called “Biographie d’un Courgette”. To make a kid’s film that appeal to all ages you have to show that kids are sensitive and intelligent. If you are successful at that then you will plunge adults back into their childhood. In other words, every age will be fully immersed into the world that the film is creating. This was done so well that the film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Picture.

It is about the power of friendship and the strength of the human heart when you are faced with adversity in life. Though it is a little heavy at times it never loses its beauty and hopefulness. A great part of the film is how they hide its path; you never really know how things are going to turn out, which keeps you invested.

After the death of a mother a kind police officer named Raymond (Nick Offerman – from television’s Parks and Recreation) befriends a nine-year-old boy called Zucchini (Erick Abbate – Touched with Fire). Zucchini is lost in the world as his only parent, his mother, has suddenly died. Not having any other relatives, Raymond is forced to bring Zucchini to a foster home.

The home is filled with other kids his age. At the beginning it is a struggle to find his place in the home. He is bullied a little by Simon (Romy Beckman – Mai Mai Miracle), but through friendships, especially with new girl Camille (Ness Krell – Fading Gigolo), he learns to love and trust again. The lesson of what a family can be is also learned.

A powerful story filled with emotion and a way of looking at a tough situation that is rather hope-filled. Though all the characters here are rather quirky and sometimes downright odd you will find yourself cheering them on.

The animation here is done with puppets. Though they are not really human looking with their large heads and eyes, it is rather charming. Also adds to the whole building of a childlike atmosphere and allows you to see the whole story through the eyes of a child.

Originally done in French. American actors were brought in for the English version. It is a rather stellar voice cast involving Offerman, Amy Sedaris (Elf, Chef), Ellen Page (Juno, Inception), and Will Forte (from television’s The Last Man on Earth)


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