Palm Baker – “L.A.”

SmokesPalm Baker, hailing from Toronto, Canada, is a balancing act, living within a cultural connection against the urban lifestyle, while also working tirelessly to influence this lifestyle. The Palm sways to hip hop as the trance-hop grooves alongside electronic and contemporary themes to influence and inspire generations. The inspiration is a lifestyle that too many are familiar with, the chasing of the nightlife, and everything that comes with it; it is a common setting for Palm Baker. The music is about blurry memories and unforgettable nights, another track off his forthcoming EP is “Cocktails”, which gives a glimpse into the inspiration for the haunting creativity brought on by the nightlife and the paranoia that follows. Palm Baker is contemporary & alternative, but without losing anything from the central and consistent creativity. Baker’s songs are structured to be singles and they have been worked to be radio-ready. Listeners will be seeking salvation in Palm Baker music, tracks have stories about close friends and drug abuse, house parties and suburban nights, and what it means to live as a human in the city. The music was created for a generation of hooligans caught in the concrete jungle.

About single “L.A.”:

“I produced the track at 6am after an all nighter. I looked like a wreck but the city looked great

from where I was staying at the time. I had just finished playing some shows in Toronto (The

Opera House, Mod Club, Revival Bar, etc.) and felt good. I guess the track is a bit of all of that. Feeling like you’re dead from late nights but knowing you can’t complain, and new opportunities for music and shows but not really sure what to make of it yet.

The track was written, and recorded a few days later”

Recommended for fans of: Gorillaz, Nick Murphy / Chet Faker, SBTRKT, Bon Iver, Khalid The Weeknd


You can view the video for “L.A.” here:


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